Light in the dark

Fumbling around, looking for something that must be there in the rear closet in the deep dark night, with only the light of the stars above?

There’s an easy fix for that with a cheap LED light strip. For example this one on Amazon I bought for only € 11.99. Choose one with 1 meter of LED strip, you don’t need longer, and you can even cut it shorter if you want, but I used the whole length in the closet. If you buy another brand, pay attention to the LED color. Many brands uses LED’s with 4000K and I find that too cold, ideal cosy warm white is around 2700K.

It runs on 4 AAA batteries, autoswitches on by opening the closet and goes off after 20 seconds or so. With this strip you have light at all 3 compartments!

Happy camping!

LED strip VW California closet

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