Headrest too far forward

Do you find the headrest uncomfortable, like I do? I find this very annoying and I couldn’t find a good position.

Tilting the back a bit more makes me move to far from the steering wheel. What to do?

A lot of the new cars have headrests that are tilted forward, so much so that at times it feel like they’re pushing on the back of your scalp. This in turn makes you feel like you can’t keep your neck in its natural position.

The reason for the way these headrests are is simple – safety. Headrests are there to prevent our heads from snapping back. Making the headrests bigger and moving them closer to our heads is mean of reducing that neck snap. The issue of comfort is an important one. Comfort needs to be constant while an impact is momentary. Flipping the headrest around negates the purpose of the headrest a bit. With the headrest flipped around, the distance between one’s head and the headrests increases.

There are many new cars that had those annoying non-adjustable, but safe, headrests. On some models, you can make the tilt angle of the headrests adjustable. Fancier vehicles have active head restraints, where the headrest moves forward automatically, upon rear impact, to decrease the distance between head and headrest.

But not in our Volkswagen California, unfortunately! So I moved it around. So I still have a safe headrest, but more comfortable, I love it.

Disclaimer: doing this is at your own risk.

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