How to replace your seat padding

Do you think your seat is a bit tired? Do you get tired from your seat? Then it’s time to replace the seat padding or -cushion!
There are a few different types, this one is for the swivel seat in the VW California. It has a different mounting than a normal Transporter seat, you can see that in the video below. Otherwise you will be looking forever for the 2 extra bolts a normal Transporter has 😉
The OEM article nr is 7E5881375D and costs about € 90,- at the VW dealer.

How do you do that?

  1. The seat is bolted to the frame with 4 bolts. Unscrew them with a 13 mm wrench.
  2. Then you can flip the chair backwards and locate the 2 bolts which holds the seat padding. Loosen these and also the 3 plugs of the airbag, seat heating and seat belts.
  3. You now can push the seat padding backwards and lift it out, be aware of the wiring, you don’t want it to rip it apart. It’s only attached with 2 bolts on the front.
  4. Turn the seat upside down and you can pull the plastic rim of the seat cover off.
  5. Turn the seat back and unclip the iron wires that holds the seat cover in shape. Be aware: you have to apply force. I used a power wire (see photo below) and a screwdriver, it can be pretty nasty to do this. But in the end you will succeed.
  6. Now it’s the time to use this moment to put the seat cover in the washing machine, nice & fresh! (don’t forget to remove the iron wires)
  7. Most California’s have heated seats, the heating mats are glued on the outer edges with tape you have to remove.
  8. Now take you new, fresh and firm seat padding. Glue the heating mat with glue that stays flexible and can be used on foam, I used Bisontix.
  9. Apply the clean seat cover, attach the iron wires to the wiring within the seat padding (again: be aware, you can get hurt, at least I did 😉 )
  10. Put the seat back together in reverse order.

VW California How to change your seat padding

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