Hob ignition upgrade

Also annoyed by the loud clicking sound of the standard piezo ignition of your hob? That should be better, shouldn’t it?

Luckily I found on the famous VW California Club a super great mod, which I will humble rewrite, with many thanks to VincentVan!

  • You are going to replace the piezo ignition button for a battery (1x AA) operated ignition. You need the Onlyfire barbecue electronic igniter kit replacement that fits Weber Spirit 210/310 series gas grills.
    VW California hob upgrade kit
    – there is also a kit that only contains the button, even if you see the same pictures but a few €€’s cheaper – always interesting for a Dutchie 😉 -, do not buy this.
    – I first also bought another brand ignition set, but this will not fit because it has no separate button, do not buy this.
  • Remove the original igniter button. Pull off the two wires and then undo the nut below.
  • Install the new ignition button. It fits in the same hole as the original but needs two little slots cutting each side to allow the moulded locking arms to pass through. I used a square needle file, which worked well, only a matter of minutes.
  • Connect the two wires you have just pulled off to the ends of the two new ignition wires, you have to cut off the original connectors (one round and one flat) and replace them with new spade connectors. One of the new wires has a porcelain fitting which you need to cut off, you don’t need it.
  • Wrap the joins carefully with insulation tape or heat shrink.
  • I put the igniter at the back in the left cupboard, it clicks in right behind the water hose, without having to drill or glue. This way you can easily remove it later if necessary.
  • Pass the wires under the hob to the ignition unit.
  • Connect the wires to the generator unit and it sparks really nice and quiet. Love it!
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